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This post is posted of sentimental reasons.  In many years this coffee machine supplied me, my friends and family with endless cups of espresso coffee and filter coffee.


I can’t say anything bad about it – it just went on for years and years doing the same thing over and over again.

Over time, I found my self, more and more often, buying special coffee beans. I found it interesting to try the different types and the different tastes.

In the end, I had to realize, that the Krups F866 didn’t give the coffee beans a fair treatment – I had to move on. It’s not a real espresso machine, and I wanted to exploit what more professional machines could do.

A bit stupid to have sentimental feelings for a machine – but in this case I have. Often you get disapointed over machines and gadgets you buy: they brake down, doesn’t do things the way you want, have mysterieous random faults etc. Not in this case. But out it went – with bleeding heart.

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  1. Linda

    I have the same, sentimental feeling about this machine.
    I once got it as a present from my ex-boyfriend in 1998!

    It still serves me!

    What do u reconmend as in a affordable espresso machine?

    Linda From the netherlands!

    • erik

      Hi Linda,
      Glad you have the same experience :-)
      When I decided to move on from the KRUPS F866; I wanted a machine which should give me opportunity to test different coffee beans from different suppliers. And give me the opportunity to control the tamping and brewing myself, to get the best out of the different beans.
      What you want, depends on your preferences – do you want an automatic machine with a little less daily hassle, or a manual machine with more freedom and the chance of making mistakes (and getting wiser) in between?
      I decided, that I didn’t want an automatic machine. I wanted a manual machine.
      I looked (spring 2009) at different reviews and focussed on the following four machines. None of them is a catastrophe, but all had draw backs. Don’t take price indications too literate – prices vary quite much over time and from country to country.
      Francis Francis X1, 560 EUR, dripping tray loose, outlet of portafilter is made of plastic and can break when tamping.
      DeLonghi Caffe Venetto, 100 EUR , frother not giving quite the excellent quality, no cup warmer, in built tamper worthless.
      Ascaso Basic, 470 EUR, pressure controlled by valve in portafilter meaning you loose the feeling of using the right beans and tamping the right way.
      Rancilia Silvia, 294 EUR, Bulky and heavy.

      In the end I bought the Rancilio Silvia. The main reason was that everybody seemed to agree, that this machine gives the same result every time you use it, and that the result very much depends on the beans and the way you tamp. In other words a very ‘honest’ machine. Also many mentioned that they had had this machine for years and years without problems.
      It IS bulky (14 kg), but this weight also means that, when it is warm, it keeps it’s temperature, which is important for getting the same result every time you brew.
      I haven’t been disappointed – I’m very happy with the Rancilio Silvia.

      Hope this helped you.


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