KRUPS Novo 3000/FNC3

A disappointment

This espresso machine was a short intermezzo in my life.  It actual made a decent cup of espresso 80 % of the time.

BUT occasional the high pressured steam leaked out above the portafiler. It not just leaked – it came out in huge amounts. The fitting between the portafilter and the machine didn’t work properly.

The result was, that a mixture of hot water and coffee beans spread out around the machine, and you had to use a lot of time cleaning everything up and do the nitty gritty work of replace the rubber ring, which should have done the work of sealing the space between the portafilter and the machine.

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So what should have been a relaxed meditative process of making and enjoying coffee became a stressing experience. The absolute opposite of what drinking espresso coffee is about.

A shame – I have used different kinds of Krups machines over the years, and must say, that Krups normally does it quite well – but not in this case.

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