Grinder setting for Rancilio Rocky

Concerns about the lover grinder settings

My experiences are based on the 2008 Rancilio Rocky grinder.

I had a question about grinder setting from some one, who were a little afraid of using the lover grinder settings. The concern was, that it could damage the machine. Firstly it is important to acknowledge that the Rancilio Rocky i one of the most powerfull grinders for home use. The motor is force full; and it has an automatic switch-of mechanism if overloaded, or something prevent the burrs to rotate. So don’t be afraid of over-heating the motor.

Im my “beginners guide” post I wrote:

— set the grinder at 10 – –  – and again the time it takes brewing a cup of espresso is the basic guide.
If it takes under 20 seconds and/or there is no taste: Grind it finer. Try to set grinder at 8.
If it takes more than 30 seconds and/or the taste is too bitter: Try to set the grinder at 12.
If these adjustments aren’t enough: increase or decrease in small steps, as you like.

Some basic understanding

The Rancilio Rocky 2008 has grinding settings from 0 to 50. The grinder can grind coffee for all puposes, including coffee for filter coffee. If it is filter coffee, you want, then you have to use the upper end af the scale.

When grinding for espresso you use the levels from 0 to around 15.

Don’t be afraid of using the lover settings!

Finding the lovest possible setting  – the zero point

You can find the so called zero point this way (the lowest possible setting for your grinder):

  1. Empty the grinder
  2. Set the grinder at 7
  3. Start the grinder shortly – and you only hear the motor and burrs rotate
  4. Set the grinder at 6
  5. Start the grinder shortly -and you only hear the motor and burrs rotate
  6. Continue putting the setting down one level, and shortly start the grinder until you hear a different sound: the burrs scratch on each other – not a big sound – only an extra small ticking sound. Stop there, and change the setting one level up.
  7. You have now found the zero point – The lowest possible setting for your grinder.

On my Rancilio Rocky 2008, this point is actually the point also indicated as zero. I can understand, that other users experience, that the grinders zero point can vary a few points from the point actually indicated as zero.

But if you are afraid of using the lover end of the grinder setting, the above mentioned exercise can give you a better knowledge about the grinder – and hopefully confidence in using the lover grinder settings required for espresso coffee.

3 Responses to “Grinder setting for Rancilio Rocky”

  1. Kerri

    This is a really great post – thank you. I had no idea how to use my rocky this was fabulous help. This high end machine might be a bit above what I should own.

  2. michelle

    after cleaning as per instructions on utube my grinder is not adjusting settings properly and unable to do a fine grind!
    I have not done anything that would be harmful for it. anyone have an idea of how I can fix it?

    • erik

      Hi Michaelle,
      Sorry for not returning to you sooner. I’m about to post pictures etc. about cleaning the Rocky grinder. It sounds like something went wrong when you assembled the grinder. I will go into details in my post.

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