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Making and drinking coffee

Coffee is fun!

Making your own espresso coffee is rewarding. The handicraft gives satisfaction in it self. Also, you learn to appreciate the difference between coffee beans. For extracting the nuances in a specific coffee bean, you often have to make small adjustments in the brewing process. By using a manual espresso machine you have to think: How do I brew this one, to get the best taste respecting the specific beans characteristics. So it keeps your mind focussed on the coffee!

If you use a fully automatic espresso machine and just press a button, the process happens in a ‘black box’. It’s easy! But you are not in control of the process in the same way; and you are more or less forced to accept the result, without thinking if another grinding, another timing or another tamping could extract the nuances associated to the specific beans in a better way.

It is a bit more complicated to use a manual espresso machine, than a fully automatic one – but not much! The daily use is straight forward and relatively quick. There is some maintenance, but that also applies to automatic machines.

Rancilio – the machines

A few years ago, I bought a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine together with a Rancilio Rocky grinder. In this blog, I collect my experiences and observations regarding these machines.

Coffee beans

It’s all about beans! Beans from around the world, and beans rosted in different ways. Luckily we see a series of new small coffee roasters appear, run by passionate coffee lowers. My attitude to different roasters and different roasts is NOT to give reviews in form af ‘good’ or ‘bad’. For me it’s more about a journey experiencing the differences and variations.


And something completely different

I also run a blog about gadgets and culture in Danish. If you speak/understand Danish and interested, please visit: ‘Gadget-kultur‘.


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